Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

  • In recovery from drug and/or alcohol use for a minimum of 9 months
  • Stable independent housing for a minimum of 9 months
  • Receiving medical care
  • Affected by HIV/AIDS

What does training include?

  • Six weeks of training, three days per week, 10am – 4pm
  • 30 half-day workshops; 75 training hours (see curriculum details here)
  • Weekly support group
  • Breakfast and lunch provided onsite
  • Daily round-trip Metro Cards

What is the sponsoring organization’s investment?

  • Payment of Peer (stipend or part-time hourly wages and monthly Metrocard
  • Supervision with Staff Mentor
    • PTI requires that your organization identify a Staff Mentor to attend one 3-hour training session prior to peer intern placement and provide a minimum of bi-weekly supervision to Peer Navigators placed in internships at your organization.
    • Supervisory sessions focus on skills development, tailored to each Peer Navigators’ interests, priorities and needs.  PTI offers supervisory forms including bi-weekly task review and 6 month Peer Navigator development plans. 

What is PTI’s investment in Peers?

  • Peer training and staff mentor training
  • Peer placement (through matching skills of peer with organization needs)
  • Ongoing skills training
  • Peer support group
  • Consultation to staff mentors at placement organization

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