In 2014:

  • 95% of Peer Graduates have visited their doctor in the last 6 months
  • 91% have not missed a dose of prescribed medication in the last month
  • 98% have been “clean” for at least one year
  • 79% have sustained viral suppression

“ASCNYC let me know that just because you have HIV doesn’t mean you can’t do everything you wanted to in life. ASCNYC gives that type of support to people, and then we’re able to go out and give that same message to others.”

“I’ve been an ASCNYC Peer for 5 years. I tell people, ‘I came from where you’re coming from, and there was help for me, hope for me—and there can also be hope for you.’”

“PTI’s peer trainings put my skills to use. As an outreach Peer, the prevention presentations I make in communities are more than just words on paper. I speak with conviction, because the information is so personal. When I’m talking about prevention and see the ‘light bulb’ go on in someone’s head, it’s payday for me. Being a Peer gave me the tools to help myself.”

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